Yells Fire are not the biggest fans of band bios. They are also a melodic punk band from Bloomington, IN consisting of four really good friends. Smokey (guitar & vocals), Milky (bass), Uncle (guitar & vocals), and Mat with one T (drums) grew up together in central Indiana and have been playing their brand of melodic punk under various names for about 5 years, most recently under the name McSmokerson.

According to their song "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" was the 5th most played song of the week by all internet podcasters in September 2006. Who knows what that means or how they figure it out, but it seems cool, right– Other half–accomplishments include being a top five finalist in the 2004 MTVU Best Music on Campus Contest, various awards on, and an appearance on the Ernie Ball stage at Warped Tour.

Over the years, they have played numerous shows and toured throughout the Midwest, East Coast, South, and Canada. Despite only embarking on four genuine tours, the band has already sent two road worn vans to their graves. Some of the bands they have shared the stage with along the way (although many do not represent our style of music) are the RX Bandits Homegrown, The Fight, Mustard Plug, Yellowcard, No Motiv, Fairweather, The Widow Jenkins, Johnny Socko, Showoff, Allister, Fifth Hour Hero, Bottom Line, Student Rick, etc.