Bad Religion - Generator (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

Generator (1992)



Generator, Bad Religion's last album on epitaph before their move to atlantic showcases some of their finest material, and is worthy of a listen by anyone with an appreciation for punk music.

This release finds BR using a wider variety of sounds than their previous albums, specifically, there are more slow songs. By no means are these songs duds, the meaning in the lyrics is still there, and Greg Graffin's voice delivers as passionately as ever.

Songs like "Fertile Crescent" and "Heaven is Falling", written during the Persian Gulf war aren't mere filler, they are genuinely concerned and pissed off about the state of our world.

If there's any life left in you, "Generator" and "Atomic Garden" should get you moving... and make you think. This is amazing poetry, not the kind you wrote in 7th grade about some girl that dumped you. If you're sick of today's bland, repetitive, pop-punk bands that have about as much intelligence as a potato, it's time for you to quit bitching about how you think Blink-182 sold out and buy this album.

"Only Entertainment" is one of those rare gems that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, even after a hundred listens. Hell, I have it on repeat right now. This is truly chilling, the perfect ending to a classic album. If you take nothing else from this review or this album, get this song. To say that it rocks would be an understatement. The harmonies are superb. Bad Religion has written many good songs, but this is the one I return to, time after time.

Enough talk, fire up your favorite file-sharing program and get "Only Entertainment", then go to your local record store and buy this. You won't be disappointed.