Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica (Cover Artwork)

Modest Mouse

The Moon and Antarctica (2000)


What can I say. There are few bands out there that can hit you with such originality as Modest Mouse. The band has a history of putting together great, diverse albums that really give you your money's worth. The Moon and Antarctica is no exception. It's 60-70 minutes long, and it's well worth listening to all the way through.

The album is composed beautifully, starting with the poppy and easy to swallow 3rd Planet to get you into the mood for the rest of the CD. The next track is Gravity Rides Everything. This is another easy to digest song, but yet unique and incredible in its own right.

Sure, both of these tracks are pretty easy to listen to, but they hint at something darker yet to come. The Stars Are Projectors is just waiting to be played on the credit line of the right movie, while Lives provides a startling insight into any human's life. Frontman Isaac Brock manages to convey his lyrics in circular patterns that spin around themselves to convey a dark, yet somehow positive messages. In Wild Pack of Family Dogs, slightly disturbing lyrics are masked by a cheery guitar part.

I could go on for hours here folks, but really I can't do justice to the CD. Before this CD came out, everyone wondered how Modest Mouse would fare on their new, major label. Well this reviewer is glad to say that they came through for their fans quite well. A great CD, and a must-have for anyone who likes music.