As Friends Rust - A Young Trophy Band (Cover Artwork)
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As Friends Rust

A Young Trophy Band (2002)

Equal Vision

You know, when whichever misunderstood Washington denizen listening to the Rites of Spring and Dag Nasty coined the term "emo" to refer to the newly emerging scene of emotional post-hardcore, he was probably thinking less of cardigan-clad indie rock, and more about bands like As Friends Rust.

More than any band in recent memory, As Friends Rust understands what raw, unencumbered emotion sounds like. Like their acclaimed full length Won, this EP features their mix of post-hardcore instrumentation, and their alternating sung/barked vocals.

A Young Trophy Band finds As Friends Rust branching out more, with the softer, almost spoken word of "Up and Went" and more aggressive with "The Most Americanist" though, as promised, their focus on melodically engaging, but viscerally satisfying hardcore is intact.

Highly recommended.