Bane - Holding This Moment (Cover Artwork)


Holding This Moment (1998)

Equal Vision

When you take a look at the hardcore community here in 2002 one can't help but be amused by all of the "labeling" that hardcore is going through. Metalcore, emocore, scremocore, grindcore, nu-metalcore, alternacore, rockcore, blah, blah-blah, blah-blah...

Myself, I am a fan of hardcore punk rock - PERIOD! Boston, MA has always had a rich tradition of hardcore, from SST & Slapshot all the way to American Nightmare and Reach the Sky, there's never a lack of good, solid hardcore in the area. As good as those bands are, none come remotely close to Bane. Bane is truly one of the most amazing hardcore bands to ever exist . A live Bane show is something to behold. Pigpiles that seem to reach the ceiling, sing alongs that rock the foundation of the very building, Bane shows are as good as it gets.

With Holding this Moment we get Bane at their best. This "EP" cranks out 9 of some of the greatest hardcore tunes ever produced. Bane has the ability to churn out furious, floor smashing songs, with deep, loud shoutlines and pulverizing grooves. They also can soothe the toutured soul with slow, almost melodic beginnings before ripping ito the fury. Take track #3 Both Guns Blazing. Like their good buddies Good Riddance do with many songs, they open the song with a cut from a spaghetti western movie about basically a man seeking revenge with his gun. The songs begins slowly then builds to a crunching, towering blast of hardcore. Another example is Forked Tounge, so serene like a fuse being lit, then boom! The shoutlines, the screams, the guitars and the amazing's all 0 solid on Holding this Moment. If you are yearning for hardcore punk rock and not "Label"core then go pick up this disc, shit it's under $6.00 so what are you waiting for! Go man, GO!!!