Out To Win - Persist and Destroy (Cover Artwork)

Out To Win

Persist and Destroy (2002)

Triple Crown

If you don't like Slayer, then stop reading right now, you probably wont like this and just fill up the message board with metal sucks comments.

Out To Win are the reincarnation of Mushmouth with founding members guitarist Chris Mahmood and vocalist Chris Henzel, it seems after some inner band turmoil that they decided to change the name. The cover of this album shows a picture of a tank like thing, one that rolls along destroying everything in its path, and that is how I see this band. A band that plays some just plain brutal music and rolls into towns and lays waste to any pit that they play to.

When I listened to this disc it reminded me of Slayer, Pantera, and some of the early Metallica without the melodic parts. I also thought that some of the lyrics and songs were similar to The New Society of Anarchists. Only instead of songs about hell, Out To Win focus their lyrics on more on personal and social dissatisfaction and alienation, but all is not negative with this band as "Out To Win" is about never giving up no matter what, and standing for what you believe in. On the title track Sworn Enemy front man Sal Lococo lends his growling vocals to the mix.

Overall this wasn't a bad release if you like hardcore/metalcore, and it reminded me of all the fun you can have with this type of music. Pulling up next to old people and soccer moms with this blasting, makes for many funny reactions, especially if you just sit staring straight ahead, not moving, and just look like your about to kill someone. My real complaint with this record is that it is only six songs long. To me, that is way to short for an album.