Gameface - Three to Get Ready (Cover Artwork)


Three to Get Ready (1995)

Dr. Strange

Three to Get Ready was the second full-length for the criminally underrated Gameface, and hugely influential to the early 2000s pop punk/emo scene...despite not many knowing about it. Listen closely and you can hear how the melodies and emotional outpouring influenced bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Slick Shoes, Paramore and Saves the Day (OMG!!!) among the many, many, many more.

A simple album, but one of nostalgia for the '90s; it's a very nice mix of two genres and the balance is carefully done. Heck, it seems like a bunch of guys just playing to their heart's content, not bothering with trying to sound like any sort of style, but rather a more organic aesthetic. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say this album reminds me of Face to Face, Seaweed, Brown Lobster Tank, Better than Ezra and J Church. Lead singer Jeff Caudill has a very nice voice that is welcoming and not too forced. It's a perfect match with the energized musicianship the other members contribute. Opening track "Start Me Over" grabs hold after the first strum and just goes for it. It's rather short, but lasts long after. You know, one of those types of tracks that you wish was longer, but know that if it was, it would perhaps not be as good? Yeah, it's that awesome. Second track "Ten Blue Sticks" keeps the groove going with some very nice lyrics about childhood memories and the emotions that accompanied them. Other highlights include "Only Chance We Get", "Gibberish" and "Daylight Savings", the latter being perhaps the most desperate of the selections, never giving up and trying hard to find an answer to some sort of problem.

The pop-punk is in full force all the time during the duration of the 14 tracks this album holds. Occasionally there is a slight change-up to allow more mellow moments, but those are fleeting and the energy quickly comes back; a similar sounding sense to each song is given. Along with the meaningful lyrics, short amount of track time, Caudill's voice, and the music itself, Gameface manage to leave one wanting more. It's a good thing this band took the time for more releases, because it feels like something entirely new that was never noticed before. Treasure this forever and ever...