Mest - Destination Unknown (Cover Artwork)


Destination Unknown (2001)


Okay, I know a lot of people here at this site hate Mest, but I really like this great pop-punk band. Considering all the articles I've read, and what I've heard people say about the band, I was expecting more ska on this album. And besides a few ska beats, and some light horns here and there, this band seems more like if Goldfinger lost half their band, and took in a half of Good Charlotte.

Which definitely isn't a bad thing, though. Mest throws out some really excellent, upbeat songs. They also have a variety of the fast pop-punk songs, some slower songs, and some ska-tinged songs, as I mentioned before.

The best songs on the disc in my opinion, though, are "Opinions," "Yesterday," "Cadillac," "Fuct Up Kid," "It's Over," and "Breakin' Down." All of them have a blast of punk energy, with great instruments and vocals. Which is something that some bands have been lacking lately. Hopefully Mest doesn't go that way, too.