Bad Religion - Tested (Cover Artwork)
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Bad Religion

Tested (1997)


Many of you starting to read this are wondering exactly what this album is. Well, to begin, this is the best live album ever created. Period. As hard as it is for me, I hold it in higher regards than the Face to Face live album, Social D's "Live at the Roxy", even the Descendents "Liveage". Yes, the Descendents.

'Tested' is a true experimentation in the concept of live albums. As opposed to one show, where the band may be acting, feeling, or playing a certain way, Bad Religion offers a large sample of the 1996 European tour. Sixty shows in 57 cities were recorded and narrowed down to create this incredible album.

The album has little something for every fan of BR. From the popular live favorites such as "American Jesus", "Fuck Armageddon", Generator" and "A Walk"; to the more obscure and rarely played marvels such as "Struck a Nerve", "Along the Way", "Drunk Sincerity", and your humble narrator's favorite- "Part III".

The recording itself focuses primarily on the music, as opposed to trying to capture the "magic of the audience". Produces by the band, the album reflects what a band, and not a studio, corporation or name would want out of a live production- raw music. (Oddly enough you'll notice Sony released this album)

The other trophy part of the album consists of the booklet itself. The liner notes, explaining the history of the the live "experiment" album, a brief history of each track recorded, and the theme consisting of Bad Religion stamps, a sign of their "worldly travels". (A little cliche, but noneless, this has no bearing on the scoring of this album).

This is without question, one of my five favorite albums, ever. It may be a tad difficult to find, although I think the Bad Religion website carries it, and I remember a friend finding it at Camelot music 3 or 4 years ago. I can't think of a clever way to say this so I'll be this. Buy it now. Listen to me. I'm being paid nothing to tell you this. Just do it.