Autopilot Off - Looking Up (Cover Artwork)

Autopilot Off

Looking Up (2001)


I don't know where to begin with this album. It is all I've listened to for a while now. It's a NYC band who has some really good So-Cal, melodic punk sounds to them. I can't stop turning it to eleven and blowing out my ears to their shit.

"Missing the Innocence" is my favorite song by Cooter, just because of the words, but all of their songs are music candy. It's fast, is heart-felt, and it's loud. They have a definite major label sound (as hard as that is to admit, and even though they aren't there yet) but there is something about Cooter that keeps them on-edge and addictive.

To be honest, I love this band. I see big things for their future. They will be playing with The Movie Life, Thursday and Glassjaw on their April shows, and will be playing with H20 and Midtown during May! I highly recommend Cooter, live and on cd. It isn't often when lyrics, pounding beats, and talented music come together like Looking Up does. they are a great band, who will impress anyone who gives them the initial listen.