Guttermouth - Gusto (Cover Artwork)


Gusto (2002)



Alot of bands say they're making the music for themselves. Usually I think thats a buch of hogwash, but this new Guttermouth album was surely not made for their long time fans. From the 14 tracks I count 5 pop punk tracks. Campfire Girl #62 and Scholarship in Punk open the cd and are the two best punk tracks. Then there are the songs Gusto, Contagious, and Foot Long which are country music. Not like Dixie Chicks country, like fast cowboy music. These are still cool songs.

The rest of the cd is filled up with and irish drinking song, a b 52's rip off, a 1950s rock/jazz type track, upbeat surf/ska song, a terrible slow attempt at whatever style smashmouth plays. The final track Lemon Water is just a joke track but is really funny.

Guttermouth are no longer offensive (i cant really remember any swearing on the entire cd). Guttermouth no longer play double speed punk songs. But it is still in essence a punk record, which is very funny and unlike pust Guttermouth cd's apart from one fault the whole cd is really listenable. The members of Guttermouth are almost 40 and it looks as though they are ready to mature ... a little.