Moving Mountains - New Light [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Moving Mountains

New Light [12-inch] (2012)

Triple Crown

The emotional content of Moving Mountains is visceral and heavy. If you're into Brand New or Silversun Pickups, you just may acquire a liking to them. They stripped two songs each off Waves (2011) and Pneuma (2007) down to acoustic structures, and did so to good effect.

"Alleviate" is off the 2011 record and it's a quiet, somber feel that gives a more raw impression than the original did. I can't see bands like this one missing the mark with acoustic reinterpretations; they're just too listenable and radio-friendly to knock. The acoustic edge on songs like "Alleviate" gives a warm feel and again, the emotional savant in vocalist Gregory Dunn comes around. He may overdo it at times but the emo effect is something that he pulls off well.

"Where Two Bodies Lie" is also off last year's album and it's a drift away from reality. This is that cynical and lost romance that so many indie albums make intensely and immensely a theme. Differentiating the tones from each acoustic track is a bit tedious as they sound the same at times but that's what you get with endearing records like these. I still think there were better songs off Waves that they could have done or added, but that's just me craving more.

"8105" is from the 2007 record and, along with the solid intro and intricate guitarwork, the sleek and unrefined sound is much better and applicable here. This acoustic and drawn out format is rough and the long intro comes off that much better, along with the mesmerizing drums. "You, you're like the sun and I am earth / Together we're one / But someday your fire will die and I'll grow cold / Without sunlight I would freeze and I'd die for you" is that stupor called the hopeless-romantic-love-letter-syndrome. I won't bash each his own I guess.

"Ode We Will Bury Ourselves" is also off the 2007 album and as a distinct, heartfelt plea to God, it somehow works, especially under Dunn's silky vocals. It's four songs, but not too bad an EP. "8105" alone is worth it.