Bane - Give Blood (Cover Artwork)


Give Blood (2001)

Equal Vision

Fuck I am Pissed.

However, this is not always a bad thing. I find it only helps to feel the rage of any hardcore band more. Because when you find that rage you can fucking relate, and lets just say I can relate with Bane. This band has come along way from being a Converge side project. Bane has carved its own identity into the hardcore scene and is quickly becoming one of the best in my opinion. This, their 2nd full length release, is all around much more solid then "It All Comes Down To This". I was hoping they could reproduce another classic such as "Can We Start Again" off their 1st Lp. They didn't, but I'd rather have an all around solid album, then just a mediocre one with an amazing track on it.

The band hasn't changed much musically, just a tad more aggresive. Vocally, Aaron's voice is still very strong and reminds me now, more then ever, of Matt from Rise Against. If I were to describe the bands sound to someone who had never listened to them. I would tell them it was a mixture of Sick of it All and Rise Against minus the great bass players in both of those bands. I personally cant find anything special about Pete, Bane's bass player. Now to the album....

The opening track off of any album, I believe, should give you a taste of whats to come. It should not be the best track, and it should not be worst or most musicaly different. It should instead, be an in your face anthem that sets the pace for the rest of the album. Bane delievers here, with one of the best opening tracks for a hardcore album in a while. Speechless (the 1st track) starts with a start stop guitar rythym for about 2 seconds untill Aaron screams "Fuck Yea I am still hoding on, making mountains out of molehills , trading moments in for memories, these days still mean everything to me...." The song is great, and I couldn't think of a better way to start off an album. Some Came Running keeps the intensity going, not as fast as the previous track, but still very good. It has a nice break in the middle of the song, where there is a solo and then Aaron talking, very good back up vocals in this song. Next is Snakes Among Us, it has a very good intro, kind of System of a Downish, with a heavy emphasis on the drums. The 4th track, Release the Hounds, is my favorite on here, and is very good lyrically and has a guitar riff in the middle of the song, that I am telling you, will stick in your head for forever.

With Give Blood, Bane created a very good cd. The few things that holds this cd down, (pun intended, as the 5th track is called What Holds Us Down), is that the cd is short with not to much variety. However, this cd is well worth it. Hell, I would get this cd for the lyrics alone, they are honestly that good. The cd booklet is also very very good, its like a smaller version of Bad Religion's "Process of Belief" booklet. Overall, Bane seems to only be getting better, and hell, while their music gets better, their INSANE live act remains amazing. This band is truely meant to be seen live. I suggest you pick up this cd and go see Bane in a town near you.