Lemuria - Varoom Allure [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Varoom Allure [7-inch] (2012)

Bridge Nine Records

Record Store Day 2012 came and went with only a few people actually scoring a copy of Lemuria's Varoom Allure 7". But Lemuria is a giving band, a kind band. And thus, we have a second shot at redemption with a second pressing, available both through the band and their label, Bridge Nine Records. Until the band's new album drops next year, Varoom Allure serves as a tasty teaser.

"Varoom Allure" opens the record with a noted departure from the almost post-punk vibe of Pebble. Instead, it's more groove-centric, packing a hugely danceable mood between Alex Kerns' drums and Max Gregor's bass. I have no idea what the lyrics are about ("Coy cow-eyes on me / Varoom Allure"), but who cares? This song is a rabble rouser.

I'd say "Cannonballs to Hurt" rocks the b-side, but that's not technically true. This 7" comes with a classy sketching on the flipside (Kerns! You my boy and you make stuff look pretty!). Better yet, fans don't have to deal with all the flipping and resetting that comes with normal records. It's 2012, and while we don't have hoverboards yet, this advancement is a solid runner-up. "Cannonballs" is a little more straightforward than "Varoom Allure," to the extent that it could fit right in with the Get Better material. While it's hard to tell where the band is going based on these tunes–one strays from the past, one embraces it–it remains yet another strong entry in Lemuria's discography.