INDK - Kill Whitey! (Cover Artwork)


Kill Whitey! (2002)

Go Kart

Basically, INDK's story began in the legendary NYC ska/punk band Choking Victim. During the recording of their full length "No Gods/No Managers" for Hellcat, they broke up. Shortly after, Sturgeon and Alec formed Leftover Crack, who released a love-it-or-hate-it full length last year and Ezra and Skwert formed another band, INDK. Ezra joined Leftover Crack after the release of their first 7", and over the years has spent less and less time with INDK, who, as stated in a recent article, are no longer "active".

Old fans of the INDK demos and 7" on Tent City Records will not find much new material here. Almost all of the 14 tracks are re-recorded versions of previously released material. However, if you liked the old versions, you will revel in the new recordings of "Moonwalk Mafia" and "Sunday Bombs", as well as the new material. "East Coast Rising" is, in my opinion, the best INDK song to date.

Those who haven't heard INDK before will be kicking themselves in the ass for not having gotten into them earlier. While fans of Choking Victim and Leftover Crack seem to like it, INDK's sound is very different, with a much more straight-up punk rock sound, though there is still the occasional ska tangent. You wont use adjectives like "crust" to describe this. The sound at times reminds me of labelmates Two Man Advantage.

Do yourself a favor and get this album. If you're a fan of punk rock in general, I'm sure this cd has something for you.