INDK - Kill Whitey! (Cover Artwork)


Kill Whitey! (2002)

Go Kart

Have you been experiencing feelings of deep sadness lately? Not the kind of sadness that kids sing about relating to their girlfriends and how they fell in love with someone else. I'm talking about how all those good bands we've been relying on have totally screwed us in the latest slew of releases. I share this feeling. But let the sadness - and the editorial - end here.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist. The banner for Gusto is up above and it enrages me)

Wipe those tears away. Punks got a new hero. A new essential CD. It'll work it's way next to the Op Ivy Anthology, Out Come The Wolves, and Move Back Home in your CD book.

What can I really say about this album? If you like punk rock - and you do - you will like this album.

Potent politcal messages. Drinking songs. Songs about killing people. This is punk. Melodic vocals sing these messages. A hint of ska, but - just a hint. Songs that will make you think "Why am I sitting behind my computer? I could be out hopping trains and seeing the world."

I won't even bother to go song-by-song, as there's not a single song on this cd you should skip. Highlights, in my opinion, are Rent for Sale, Off the Scope, and Moonwalk Mafia.

The downsides to this album? Too short.

Go. Buy. Be Happy about a purchase. For once this year.