Torche - Keep Up b/w Leather Feather [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Keep Up b/w Leather Feather [7-inch] (2013)

Volcom Entertainment

Torche keep banging out the hits. Though Harmonicraft is well over a year old now, the fuzz-pop-metal titans have kept busy with a rigorous touring schedule and a pair of new 7-inches. Keep Up b/w Leather Feather, an entry in the Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club, follows up the excellent Harmonslaught with two more crushing tunes that continue to display the band's comfort and consistent stride within a genre that they've essentially perfected over the past half-decade.

"Keep Up" is the more melodic of the two songs here, with a healthy dose of classic rock-style riffs navigating at a mid-tempo pace until the song's end, when the sludge factor is really upped; the way Torche make that transition is, as it almost always is with them, surprisingly seamless.

"Leather Feather" is Torche at their heaviest and most plodding. The riffs and drumming are both mountainous and, while mostly calculated, take enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. It's nothing particularly new from the band, but it's plenty satisfying nonetheless and serves as a nice counterpoint to the more melodic a-side.

Once again, Torche only need a few minutes – five, in this case – to nearly encapsulate everything they're about: Sludgy-but-poppy riffs; thunderous percussion; a distinct fun factor that's missing from most modern metal. An invitation to embrace the inherent goofiness, if you will. More than anything, though, Torche give you a reason to bang your head.