Into It. Over It. - Intersections (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Into It. Over It.

Intersections (2013)

Triple Crown Records

Into It. Over It. are a band you'll either really love or really hate (Or maybe you'll think they're just OK –ed.). It's hard to find an in-between. For me, Evan Weiss' stance on life and more so, the poetic vibe he breathes into his music is something I deeply appreciate. Intersections is crafted with stories that show just why Into It. Over It. are creating music that you shouldn't leave by the wayside. It's full of heart, soul and melody. Can't ask for much more.

"New North-Side Air" is that heavily contextual opener, stoic and personal, tone-setting. With so many sad stories, it's somewhat odd – but ultimately satisfying – to hear Weiss make upbeat music from them, as he sings on the desire to grow and his state of mind when things just don't go his way. The cymbals crashing contribute a rougher sound than heard on PROPER, but it works, stoking the melody. The record sounds unpolished throughout, actually, and it's a good fit.

If you're a fan of old songs like "Pinky Swear" and "No Good Before Noon," there are speckles of the calm, mellow acoustic vibe on Intersections. It's almost an obligation at this point for Weiss to keep it in his arsenal. Cue "Spatial Exploration," one of the neatest alt-emo songs Weiss has done. The record does have a bigger indie-rock influence than expected, but still encapsulates so much more of IIOI's earlier material. Archetypal as it might largely be, there's still bouts of experimentation amidst the familiarity on "Upstate Blues" and "The Shaking of Leaves."

Touching on precocious themes like religion and change and jabbing at the wisdom of life spices up the record, too. Weiss has a penchant for unabashed honesty and he drives his views home like nails. Always did and from this record, he always will. Intersections is colorful but not full of drivel or loquacious exposition. It isn't pretentious. It's just raw and fucking heartwarming. Grab it.