Ivy League TX/Turnover/Maker/Such Gold - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Ivy League TX / Turnover / Maker / Such Gold

Split [7-inch] (2014)

Broken Rim Records

If you're aching for a sampler, which in essence offers four different flavors from four very different-sounding bands, then this is for you. It's more of a resume of what each can do and the good thing is that each band has a vast array of material that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy digging into. The variety on tap is pretty solid and it's a great record in terms of substance over style.

Ivy League TX opens with the grungy, post-hardcore "Cave." It comes off unfinished with a rough, dirty sound backed by dual vocals and neat little sprawls a la Balance and Composure and Title Fight, and is a great follow-up to 2013's Transparency. It fits into the niche of bands like Citizen, Daylight and Sainthood Reps among the few and has a nice '90s drive to it. There's a neat contrast that follows up with Turnover's "I Would Hate You If I Could." The title's pretty self-explanatory and if you caught wind of last year's Magnolia from them, the catchy, endearing and polished feel won't be shocking. There's a stark resemblance to Transit with melodic-indie and alternative influences strewn over a brooding musical skeleton and tight, smacking drums. It's one of their best to date.

Segue into Maker who start off with snippets of Dashboard Confessional before plummeting into a pop-punk medley in "Here She Comes." It's sectioned off well and accentuates the other tracks so far by offering a lighter toast to warm rock music, laid back and more serene. The closing "Framed" is the kicker on this four-tracker though with Such Gold ripping as expected. Fast-hands on the guitars, fits of melodic-punk rage, lightning-fast kit work, slick solos and then a barreling riffage session of melodic hardcore all somehow combine to treat those who'd remember how fucking raw and awesome Misadventures was. If you felt they sold you short on their Wax Packs #8 7-inch then consider yourself treated here. It caps off a great trailer of all the greatness these bands hold and definitely encapsulates the best of their sounds.