The Hope Conspiracy - Endnote (Cover Artwork)
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The Hope Conspiracy

Endnote (2002)

Equal Vision

Over the past few years I feel that The Hope Conspiracy have gotten screwed. Somehow, such an incredible band has been overlooked as a premier act by a slew of other bands, most obviously American Nightmare (Nothing, whatever) and Poison the Well. The group's first full length, 'Cold Blue' was in my eyes one of the best and innovative hardcore albums in years. So, 'Endnote' would carry some of the highest expectations I have held for a band's sophomore effort.

First, I would make some music geek observations that many don't care much about. Right off, the packaging is killer. The outer slip has an incredible design, along with some rather interesting liner notes inside the album.

As for as the albums content, I'm extremely pleased at what direction musically THC (no stupid pothead jokes please) has gone. What hit me immediately was the interesting production work on the vocals. The music seems to take center stage on many tracks with the vocals almost feeling like a back-up instrument.

Upon an initial listen, it would appear that many of the songs on 'Endnote' begin to sound alike. However, it seems apparently clear that this is an obvious sign of THC beginning to merge their own unique sound.

In a world such as the hardcore scene where many bands tend to bland together in sound content, and even fashion, The Hope Conspiracy rise above many of their peers. I wouldn't be surprised if with the buzz this album is sure to start, we don't eventually see THC as the next hardcore band with an MLB icon next to their name.