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Live in Philadelphia (2014)

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Guttermouth will never grow up— or slow down. While other punk bands have expanded upon their musical talents to establish record labels, go to college/become professors, write books, play festivals, etc.— Guttermouth is genuinely, perfectly content playing small venues like Kung Fu Necktie, a very intimate night club/with remarkably cheap beer. Ticket prices too— the show was only ten bucks for three bands— FTS, Community Service, and of course— Guttermouth, a nationally touring band with a reputation for general awesomeness for over twenty years now.

One June 27, the show started with FTS (South Philly Street Punk) plaiyng a loud, energetic set that really got the pit moving— as the vocalist moved all around the stage and down onto the floor to throw some elbows, and the band playing through multiple tempo changes with a distinct unity. Community Service (Philly Punk/Ska Trio) followed up with some striaight—up fun punk songs that showed their sense of humor as well as their talent— especially the drummer that somehow powered through the music while still providing nice harmonies on the woahs.

This was a late show on a Friday night. Originally planned for the First Unitarian Church at 8 PM, it got moved to Kung Fu Necktie at 11PM three weeks prior, a smaller venue but without the heatstroke fears the Church brings on in the summer months, and with a full bar instead of a BYOB policy (colder beer and drunker times). Guttermouth didn't take the stage until about 1AM— as vocalist Mark Adkins enjoyed a few cocktails with fans at the bar before the set, getting a six pack for the band before walking through the crowd to grab the mic onstage. He thanked everyone for hanging out with them so late, because they were all seemingly pretty drunk at this point.

But they sounded great— well, Mark's vocals were a little off, sometimes unintelligible as he forgot lyrics or you simply couldn't hear him— but with some help from the audience at times the songs got sung. It didn't matter though— Mark was having a great time, as several times between songs he mentione dhis appreciation for Philadelphia (over other places like New York City—always a pain in the ass to get there) and Kung Fu Necktie (obviously he's not a churchgoer). The band sounded great, and were having a blast too, as they played some essential tunes— like "Lucky the Donkey," "Lipstick," "Asshole," "Baker's Dozen," "She's Got the Look," and "7 T's."

Guttermouth is probably the only punk band from their era that you can see so up close and personal these days. The band interacted with the crowd— allowing for an unusual intimacy that reminds you of how much fun punk shows can be (Mark twisted my boyfriend's nipples while they sang together!). When they finished their set with "Perfect World" everybody in the place seemed to burst with a new energy simultaneously, bringing on a couple of minutes of pure punk rock joy.

So if Guttermouth rolls through your town soon, just go. Yeah, it's not going to be the best sounding show you've ever been to, but it's going to be a real good time. And if you missed it, well, you fucked up. But there's always next time. Guttermouth certainly isn't taking a break any time soon.