Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Bowling For Soup

Drunk Enough To Dance (2002)


Now, first off, don't get me wrong. There is a lot of pop punk I have soft spots for. True, i really don't like the majority of it... but stuff like New Found Glory.. they are nothing but the best. Pop punk perfection. Kind of like Ludacris, except for they are white boys.

Anyhow, on with the review. So I pop the cd in... and within the first minute I puke. The first thing that struck me about this band is that they are not all cute skinny pretty boys. One of the members is at least 300 . And I totally think that is great. Fight the mold of skinny boys in converse and the next-county-overs little league team shirt. But if you are going to try to break the mold, at least be good.

So yes. Basically, this band is 4 slightly overweight guys singing every single song about girls. Except one, which is about a "Rock Show." That means that indeed there are 15 songs about girls. Way to break the mold. Seriously, I hate to bash on bands because it's a lot of work and dedication - but these lyrics are lyrics I wrote in the 6th grade. Swear to god I could go in my closet and go through it for about an hour and present you with lyrics I wrote in the 6th grade. Although some of the sounds are a tad bit catchy... any of the good that the music made was just smashed by the horrible atrocity that is the lyrics.

Now on the upside, yes, I do have a soft spot for some pop punk, and I did think some of the songs were ok. Some. I liked tracks 6 and 12. They were alright. But yeah, my final thought is that unless you have horrible music taste, save the $13 and buy some beer. Because guaranteed, your night will be a lot more entertaining than with this cd.