SR-71 - Now You See Inside (Cover Artwork)


Now You See Inside (2000)


Originally I saw no need to write a review for this album, because I never thought we'd hear from SR-71 again. I was wrong.

Recently I've been seeing the band get more attention because of the release of their sophomore album, "Tomorrow" later this month. And in a lot of this coverage, I've noticed one important thing: it all says that SR-71 is pop-punk. Now, unless this new album is a totally new sound, then this band should never be referred to as punk. Not even pop-punk. I have no idea how they even got that label. Calling this band pop-punk makes Something Corporate into From Autumn to Ashes. This is purely a pop rock band that would fall somewhere between Third Eye Blind and Eve 6.

Now, if you've heard the two singles from this CD ("Right Now" and "Politically Correct"), then you'd probably think this band has some punk influences, but those are the only ones. Every other song is terrible. "Last Man on the Moon," "Another Night Alone," and "Non-Toxic" are all very soft songs, and "Fame (What She's Wanting)" is no better than a standard Britney Spears song. Unless you're a matchbox twenty fan (and hopefully there's none here), don't pick this up.

But anyway, a good way to sum this album up is like this: If a guy like me (see my other reviews to see my status on this site) finds it offensive to call SR-71 pop-punk, then it couldn't possibly be good, right?