War On Women - War On Women (Cover Artwork)
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War On Women

War On Women (2015)

Bridge 9

War On Women's full-length debut emotionally covers a wide range of topics, which we should all be more than familiar with as the band's never really shied away from what their music's about. Feminism. Sexism. Politics. Abortion. And so on. It's very thought-provoking I must say and as a fan of Improvised Weapons back in 2012, I gotta admit that the heaviness of this debut is still kicking my teeth in. Doesn't matter though if you don't agree with the messages...because I'm still pretty sure you'll agree that War On Women's music is undeniably hard-hitting and fucking brutal. In terms of mixing thrash, punk, metal and hardcore together, it's safe to say that after repeatedly spinning War On Women for the better part of 2015 thus far, few bands do what they do so well.

"Servilia" opens up things and it's amazing how jarring it is. Ferocious to say the least. I've often heard great stories of the band's energy and live performances, particularly from RVIVR fans, and this is a great example why. Throughout the album, you're rocked over and over by the picky, power-metal feel throughout. I'd say the album is guitar-centric but couple that with damn fine bass work and relentless drumming, and overall, you've got the perfect recipe for a riot. This track set the intensity bar so high and it's great to say that this is never lowered. There aren't that many talky and preachy parts but even when they pop up, it's never boring or overshadowing the heavy, boisterous attitude on display. Punk-metal tracks like "Meathead" and "Glass City" further elevate the record's stance, which feels like a big middle-finger to society in general. And they flip you off firing on all cylinders through dedicated musicianship. Love it!!!

While War On Women do come off overly angry, they have a right to do so. The lyrical content is in-your-face but what's nice is they do so really tongue-in-cheek, further subverting and breaking down barriers through punk channels. "Pro Life?" and "YouTube Comments" demonstrate this perfectly. The album's short and full of impact and not running so long really helps convey their messages much more concisely and clearly. Pretty clever, especially given that War On Women is sure to stir a lot of heated debates. I love how it feels like they're just jamming out their two cents here with a 'FUCK YOU' attached, and then open up the field to battle. Think I'm kidding? Take in the riffing and double-kicking on the closer "Diana La Cazadora" and tell me what you think...

This band's fearless and extreme. And definitely one that we need right now given the current climate. Bad to the bone. Gonna be tough to see punk records coming close to what this album's placed on the table.