Bad Astronaut - Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem (Cover Artwork)

Bad Astronaut

Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem (2002)

Honest Don's

Its a funny story really. I walked into Hastings one night looking for a good record. Hastings mind you is the only store in our pathetic town that carries decent cds. Anyway I walked in, and began browsing the cds when I rembered Bad Astronauts new cd was coming out on Tuesday. I raced over to the computer to look it up not expecting to find it since it was a week before the much anticipated debut full length was released. Holy moth balls there it was. Two copies. The only problem was that it sat in the back where no employee went for anyone. After a few complaints, a sneaky move, and a cup of free coffee I held the soon to be realeased cd in my hands.

For those who are not familiar with Bad Astronaut the lead vocalist is the ever great Joey Cape of Lagwagon. Now keep in mind before purchasing this record, its not another Lagwagon. In fact it would be a crime to compare the two for they have a distinctly different sound. This record is slow. With that said its a good slow *most of the time.* The lyrics of "Single" provide the cheezy nerd rock romance while songs like "These Days" and "The Passenger" are more in depth. The lyrics are thoughtful yet understandable to listen to. Something that everyone can relate to is the theme in most of the songs. The music is pretty much along the same lines as their E.P. Consisting of melodic guitars sometimes accoustic, electronic synth, and keyboards galore. Accept songs like "Solar Sister" and "Off the Wagon" bring the record down because of the dullness and lack of interesting music. I'll tell you what everytime I hear "Off the Wagon" the beginning reminds me of...

Ah I can't say it. Alright since you insisted. It sounds scarily like Dave Mathews Band. Ouch. Not a good move in my book, but to each their own.

Its a funny story really. How ironic is it when you work so hard to get a cd its not what you expected. Its not dull but at the same time its not much different from their previous effort. Yea I know it sounds harsh, but all in all it still is an enjoyable release with the heartfelt lyrics and vocals with music that is tight and different. Its a funny story really. Kind of grows on you...