Hot Water Music/Thrice/Coheed and Cambria - live in Richmond, VA (Cover Artwork)
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Hot Water Music / Thrice / Coheed and Cambria

live in Richmond, VA (2002)

live show

For a show of this magnitude, to come to Richmond, on the release date of Hot Water Music's new album "Caution", was enough for me to be walking around with a stupid fucking grin all day.

I arrived after missing the opening band, I think they were the Start or something, who knows, but did show up just as Coheed and Cambria started. Now this isn't to mock emo, or whatever you want to call it (I've read your debate Seek), but I honestly thought a chick was singing before I took a gander of the large afro-ish mop atop the lead singer. Hmmm....

At times, he had a pretty interesting voice, and I was shocked to see how many kids were singing along. Yikes. Not my flava.

As Thrice set up I really thought to myself how fucking cool they are. I mean consider this...with their new popularity and major label signing, they could have pushed to headline this tour, but they have respect, and for that I give them all of the cred in the world.

Thrice put on a technically fantastic set, playing a handful of numbers from both 'Identity Crisis' and 'The Illusion of Safety'. Teenage girls swarmed the stage for the California boys (that oddly enough look more and more Gainesville-ish lately) but a few local Richmonders worked impromptu security to help keep the sex-crazed demons at bay while the guys played. (Assistance was even provided by former Ann Beretta member Matt Bedford). Hightlights from the set included the opener "Kill Me Quickly", "Identity Crisis", "Deadbolt" and the closer "T&C".

As Hot Water Music stepped up, I notice Chuck sporting an Avail "Richmond, VA, Vanarchy" shirt. Bomb. They blasted immediately into an incredible rendition of "Position", much faster than the older, and towards the end Chuck went absolutely nuts on the guitar, strumming and twitching like he was having a seizure. From there came "A Flight and a Crash", a great live number. Other mentionable items were the first 3 from Caution, "Remedy", "Trusty Chords" and "I Was on a Mountain". My favorite "Turnstile" was played as usual, along with "Alachua" and "Its Hard to Know". An incredible version of "Radio-Free Gainesville", with Chris screaming the vocals with a magnitude of passion, sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The only negative aspect, as is always the case with HWM, is I never get to hear all of my favorites, because, well, they can't play every song. Although I'd be willing to stay.