SR-71 - Tomorrow (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Tomorrow (2002)


SR-71's second disc "Tomorrow" is irritating. The songs bounce between egotistical and feeling defeated with nothing in the middle. The CD opens with the line "I can be as humble as the next guy." That's just a flat out lie. Lead singer Mitch Allan proceeds to inform the listener "I'm what you've always wanted," in the same song, titled "They All Fall Down." Maybe he is what you've always wanted, if what you've always wanted was unoriginal radio-friendly alternative rock. SR-71's album "Now You See Inside" was at least something to get the listener going and singing along. "Tomorrow" just makes you want to tell the band to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously.

The title track from the album falls into the "feeling defeated" category of songs. This track is well produced and does showcase Allan's voice, which is actually quite good. It also displays the talents of new drummer John Allen. This song is nothing out of the ordinary though. At first, the third song "My World" sounds like it would've fit on the band's debut, before it turns bitter. The chorus on this song is strong but the "I know he's been inside you" line is so angry that it turns listeners off from the song. The next son, "Hello, Hello" leads to the conclusion that every song on this album starts off in the same slow building to fast fashion. This song is cynical, with Allan singing, "Love is only temporary." The lyrical content is decent, but nothing mind blowing.

"Truth" exposes Allan's typical vocal procession, slow to angry to melodic, then repeat. This song is just boring. The guitar sound is cutting, but this song is nothing new, just a typical "I want to rock and head bang" anthem. Bitterness returns for the sixth track, "Goodbye." The chorus is quick and catchy as the song goes on about leaving behind what tries to bring you down.

Attack of the Ego Part Two is track seven, oh wait, it's actually called "She Was Dead." This song lets you know from the beginning that Allan is a jerk with a line going "I didn't hear what she was saying because I was staring at her chest." This song is essentially about a relationship going wrong but Allan is too much of a wuss to dump the girl, so instead, he tries to make her as miserable as possible.

"The Best is yet to come" is the only song on the album displaying hope for the future. "Broken Handed" put the egotistical and defeated feeling into one song, somehow flipping between the two. "Lucky" starts off quickly, "I'm not afraid of after life hell because I live it everyday." This song is just a teenage angst song at its worst, an anthem for testosterone driven boys. "In My Mind" is a nice song about keeping the memory of a lost loved one alive, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. The closing track, "Non-Toxic" was on the debut and it should've stayed there, untainted by the garbage of SR-71's second effort. Please don't bother buying this CD, if you really want to waste $10-15, just give it to me and I'll put it in the "Megan needs to pay for her car" fund.