Burning Love - Down So Long [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Burning Love

Down So Long [7-inch] (2015)


Burning Love have a dynamic trait that draws you in and lets you vent. They're always playing with the right amount of hardcore fireworks and in doing so, they end up unsurprisingly producing albums which evolve and progress by the release. Each the more explosive than the last. This 7-inch is no different and offers yet another premiere look into what Burning Love do best. From this perspective, it's another blinder of an album, albeit one that's too short.

Too shor,t but indeed, too sweet. And one which fits perfectly into their discography. Take for example, the opening track, "Down So Long", which is a great punk/hardcore mash-up. It's this kind of creativity and collaboration that they pride themselves on, especially with vocalist Chris Colohan straining his voice to hurtle a ton of emotions your way. It's a familiar vein of operation. Massive, buzzy guitars cultivate an atmosphere of chaos that still manages to echo with a pleasant dissonance, offering up tinges of harmony and slightly recognizable melodies. The latter's present in subtle doses but in these small measured takes, the skate/thrash vibe is played up fittingly and with the impact intended.

This working formula's exploited once more on "Medicine Man", which isn't as aggressive, but sandwiched in between thick basslines and thundering drumming to produce a nice air of tension. The guitars are less frenzied but help build these walls of sound so damn well. By the time the bevy of solos and ferocious riffs close out the three-tracker, "Secret Solace" brings the curtain down with a sigh of disappointment - not because the song's bad - but because this 7-inch teases you and leaves you hanging. Each track flows into and complements each other, uniting for a grand sense of urgency. You're left wanting much more and I guess that's mission accomplished, right?

As expected, Burning Love remain true to form and offer yet another great snapshot of things to come.