No Use For A Name/ Yellowcard/Eyeliners - live in Orlando (Cover Artwork)

No Use For A Name / Yellowcard / Eyeliners

live in Orlando (2002)

live show

When I heard No Use was coming to Orlando, I was very excited. I bought my tickets about 3 months in advance and could not wait for this show. The show took place at the Social, a small venue downtown that holds about 450 people, although it was obviously overcrowded tonight.

The first band was Slick Shoes, an awful generic pop-punk band. They sounded like a MxPx cover band. All the kids in the Atticus shirts really dug this band, that should give you an idea of what type of band this was.

The next band was The Eyeliners, another pop-punk band, who were slightly more interesting due to the fact they were girls. They breezed through a 30 minute set, however they were a step above Slick Shoes, but nothing spectacular.

Next up was Yellowcard, quite possibly the worst set I have ever seen a non local band play. Boring and uninteresting. They played about an hour of bubble gum pop. Included on stage was a violin player, and although that may sound like a cool and original idea, was indeed an awful experience. The 14 year old New Found Glory fans dug this band. They played a cover of Michelle Branch's "Everywhere". I don't think we need any further explanation on why that was horrible.

Next was No Use For A Name, who put on an hour long amazing set, starting off with "Feels Like Home", the first song off of "Hard Rock Bottom" they went straight into "International You Day" from there, and played a great mix of old and new tunes, including:

Dumb Reminders
Coming Too Close
On the Outside
Pre Medicated Murder
Straight From The Jacket
Answer Is Still No
Room 19
Justified Black Eye
Redemption Song

All in all, a great show all because of NUFAN, it would have been a lot better if not for the horrid support acts. But I still had a great time. I would recommend you see this tour if it comes near you. But only if you can sit through 3 hours of generic pop-punk.