Bad Religion - 30 Years Live (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

30 Years Live (2010)


This. is. punk. rock. Thirty Years Live is a perfect example of what a live punk rock album should be. Recorded in 2010 and released as download via the band's website to celebrate their 30th anniversary, it shows the band in great form as they range from old classics like the opening "Fuck Armageddon" to previews of their then-upcoming record, The Dissent of Man.

Compared to their previous live album, Tested, 30YL has much more energy and much clearer sound. In fact I'd say that Tested to me is a semi-failure, flat and nondescript despite the obvious quality of the songs, while here we have a real punk rock party. The instruments all shine – Brooks' insane drumming perhaps more than the others, Greg G.'s famous melodies, the ever-oozin' aahs – but the crowd cheering and the rough feeling of the concert are present too and give it its special magic.

To me this sounds very similar to Pennywise's Live at The key Club, another great melodic hardcore live: both feature revitalized versions of the bands' songs, slightly faster, more chaotic and with the occasional subtle mistake, but still clear in the sound. Bad Religion of course is a better band, and their record ten years newer, and it shows. This sounds like you're seeing them live on a very good night, except better because of the great production, and it gets me excited every time. The only real complaint I have is that it only features 17 songs, but aside from that this is a true gem, and one of BR's albums I listen most.