Moving Mountains / Prawn - Split (Cover Artwork)
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Moving Mountains / Prawn

Split (2015)

Triple Crown Records

Moving Mountains and Prawn are two radio-friendly bands that really deserve much more acclaim. They've done pretty well on the indie/DIY/underground circuits over the past couple years with the former coming back stronger than ever following a hiatus. Moving Mountains in 2013 and Prawn's Kingfisher followed by the Settled EP typify how good both bands are. In just four songs, they offer a pleasant reminder as to why fans are always up for new music from them.

Moving Mountains open with their signature alternative-indie style. Warm and orchestral on "Abby Normal" and then much more below the surface on "Deathless". The latter opens up a la The Used's "On My Own" with violins subtly swooning in. They feel like B-sides off their last record and stick to formula - which I've heard people complain as one-tracked but honestly, Moving Mountains don't beat the horse to death a la Beach Slang. Everything's so inviting and much more accessible. Which is pretty much what I can say for Prawn as well. 

2014's Kingfisher to this day remains one of my favourite albums of all time. Prawn continues with their indie/post rock haze on both songs, just like Settled, fitting in with their style over the past couple years. "Slopes" and "Seas" are much more relaxed and very calm, touching on the Prawn's main theme of Love being a Sea. It's a metaphor they've been dragging out but pleasantly so with the latter much more distorted and quicker. These four tracks are minimal and very melodic which makes them perfect for that long drive home with the streetlights dim enough to keep you safe. Like I said, a reminder that these bands are still out there churning out gold.