Millencolin - live in Sweden (Cover Artwork)


live in Sweden (2002)

live show

Goddamn, this was amazing.

Millencolin, i'm sure the most of you here know about them, they're a swedish band who plays skatepunk (and more recently more rock-driven songs) and are huge in Australia. Millencolin started out 1992, made their first us-tour in 96, been in australia more than 8 times and played the warped tour aswell as the first (and only) European warped tour, which only had a few stops.

However, except from the first few years, millencolin have been focusing more on the states and australia than their own home country, and millencolin gigs in sweden are rare.

2002, millencolin has been togheter for 10 years and what could be a better way to celebrate that than playing a show in their hometown?

The show sold out pretty quick, and people from all over europe were attending, i met 2 people from the UK and some from Belgium, they must be big fans. Everybody knew "the monkeys" had some suprises in store for us loyal fans, and they had, my god they had.

Opening up the show were burning heart beerpunkers Bombshell Rocks and as always, they put on a great show, they fit really well with MC on the bill. They played a few new songs from the new cd (which hadn't been released when they played this gig) and they got the crowd going, playing all the tracks you possibly want to hear them play. They finished the show great with combining "joker in the pack" with a new song. Next up, our favourite birthday kids.. the monkeys we all love.. Millencolin.

They opened up with No cigar, and from that they played a mix between all their albums, with some songs i never heard live before. The first half of the show were pretty tame, they got the crowd moving and surfing but it felt like something was missing, this is the first half of the setlist:

  • No cigar
  • In a Room
  • Puzzle
  • Man or mouse
  • Pain
  • Penguins & polarbears
  • Leona
  • Happiness for dogs
  • Da Strike
  • Bullion
  • Dance Craze
  • Killercrush

They played all of those songs like they sound on the cd's, but it felt like we we're all waiting for something...

...and after finishing "killercrush" nikola said "This is our producer, or mentor, our best friend...." and some dude were walking up on the stage.. wait.. that couldn't be...could it?


Mr Brett, good old Mr Brett on stage, he said "Hi" and then started playing the good old riff from "American Jesus". By now, everyone were stunned, yes, we knew there wwere going to be a special guest, but who in the wordl would have expected Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz?

"American Jesus" were really awesome, Nikolas voice really fitted the song (but hey, if the singer from simple plan can sing that song, who can't?) and it was a pure pleasure watching the homecoming swedes on stage playing with one of their childhood idols.

After finishing "American Jesus", brett stayed on stage and played "Fox" with Millencolin, and he inserted some kickass solos in it which sounded pure great.

But no no, Brett didn't leave yet, he had to play "21st Century Digital Boy" with them, and it sounded amazing.

Then Brett left with everyone, EVERYONE having a big smile on they're lips. After this they played they're "best" songs in a row, and it was just plain amazing. they Played:

  • Story of my life
  • Olympic
  • Lozin' must
  • Kemp
  • Mr Clean
These we're played with an amazing load of energy, and the drummer had to get new sticks 3 times during "lozin' must" because he was hitting the drums to damn hard.

The next surpise were pretty obvious, since the Bombshells were opening, MÃ¥rthen came out and sang "home from home" from the cd with the same name with Nikola, i would say it was the highlight, it was the best performed song i've ever seen, MÃ¥rthen was just plain crazy.

Then they played their last song, their Op Ivy cover "knowledge" (found on "the melancholy collection"), and for this song, all the members of Bombshell Rocks joined up on stage ending this show in just pure madness.

Thank you millencolin, I'll be there on your 20 year anniversary!