Box Car Racer/H2O - live in Columbus, OH (Cover Artwork)

Box Car Racer / H2O

live in Columbus, OH (2002)

live show

I know. The Used are not on the title of this review, and thats because they got sick and couldnt play Columbus the other night. I kinda wanted to see them, but I wasnt as crushed as some of the other people who were only there to see them.

Now, since Box Car only has 1 album, H20 (with 4 albums to their name) expanded their set to an hour. It was, needless to say, hilarious. After playing quite a few songs including H20 set standards like "Thicker Than Water" and the new song (which rules!) "All We Want", Toby decided he just wanted play "Name That Tune" for a little while, and hilarity ensued, as it quickly turned into a breakdance contest(Toby did also participate). Even though there were about 100 11 year old Advil Lavigne's there, Toby still brought the house down with the same energetic Punk/Hardcore they've always been known for, and took the time to meet and talk with everyone after the show, which is always really cool to see.

After quite a long (and rather pointless) wait, Box Car Racer finally took the stage, playing in almost complete darkness (save for a few roaming flashlights) for their first, instrumental song. They then went right into a rushed version of "All Systems Go". To tell the truth, I was kind of unimpressed at first, thinking "Tom just isnt the same without Mark standing next to him", but after a while, I got used to just Tom, as he busted out every song on their self titled album, and even 2 new songs. I'd have to say one of my favorite songs they played was Letters To God, because they changed the arrangments quite a bit, and jammed around a little.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THEIR SET HOWEVER, was Box Car Racer's amazing punk cover of Barry Manilow's "Mandy". Although half the kids out in the crowd didnt know what it was, it was still an amazing song.