Adjy - Prelude (.3333) [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Prelude (.3333) [EP] (2016)

triple crown records

Cleveland's Adjy have a unique style of making music. They're a band that's usually percussion-driven while adding layers of keyboards and fine-picking sections that form a very tribal-folky sound. Grammatology (2014) was a pretty eclectic listen and here, they follow up with four songs that are just as promising. 

A lot of their music swings from quiet, melodic lulls and coos to rapid-fire kit work and what adds to this is Christopher Noyes' clean vocals. Quite polished and very rhythmic. There's a shimmery, post-rock ambiance that stands out on this EP though with "Hyperthymesia" and "Another Flammarion Woodcut". Both are atmospheric and very hazy, but again, under some frenetic sticks. It's a stark contrast to the thundering drums on "Praepositio" which feels like an army marching down. They all pop quite artistically. What's even more astounding is how minimal the sound is when the band's taking it slow, offering even more dimensions to their game -- showing how they've grown and are mixing it up. Great tease of things to come.