Box Car Racer/H2O/The Used/Taking Back Sunday - live in Los Angeles (Cover Artwork)

Box Car Racer / H2O / The Used / Taking Back Sunday

live in Los Angeles (2002)

live show

What I was going to do before I started this review was bitch about how this was a sit down show (don't say then why did you go? I went because on Goldenvoice it said the show was beind held at The El Rey Theatre, but after I bought the tickets without looking on Ticketmaster at the venue, I realized it was at the Wiltern Theatre). Our seats were second to last row, but the only positive thing about this was the place is pretty small (max capacity around 2500) so even from the top you could see everything, although I was going nuts not being able to move. If this show was about 7 years ago, I would have loved it, put it that way.

Enough of the bickering, let's move onto the shitty show...

Taking Back Sunday was the reason I went to this show, and I just managed to get inside when their first song started up "You Know How I do." They then went qucikly into playing the next two songs on the album in a row, which are "Bike Scene" and "Cute Without the E." These two are my favorite songs by them, and it was driving me insane not being able to move. No one around me had a clue who these guys were, in fact they all thought The Used were the only band opening. So, for all of you, especially the ones that thought they were too cool (and dumb) to even listen or watch, TBS is a pop punk band with screaming background vocals, and great melodies. They had a lot of stage presence, and Adam's hip (I heard at Cal State Fullerton on Wednesday he was using a cane or sitting down) seemed fine because he was jumping all around. They were really good, but definitely not worth the $70 (2 tickets). Oh, and get this shit, THEY ONLY PLAYED FOR 15 MINS! I already wanted to leave, but my girlfriend likes The Used.

After a quick set up The Used came out to tons of girls screaming. The only two songs I know by them are indeed "Box Full of Sharp Objects" and "Taste of Ink," and both of those are pretty catchy songs and sounded good live. But, everything else by them is just bad, way too much screaming for a band that just can't seem to pull it off. I will give them credit for being a pretty fun band to watch live, they had a lot of energy, and surprisingly talked well in between songs (yes I like when bands talk between songs...just not a lot). They played for about 25 mins, and then were gone.

By this time we were debating whether or not to leave the show. I have seen H20 and they bored me the last time I saw them (Mest tour). I had no intentions to see BCR, just to get that out in the air. My gut told me yes, but my wallet told me no, two bands weren't enough for $70. So, after a 30 minute wait H20 came on the stage.

H20 came out after Kat from 106.7 KROQ announced them and BCR. I hate how KROQ always does it for the last two bands and never even cares about the openers. Anyway, H20 surprised me, in the beginning. They played great, had a lot of energy even though Toby again was getting angry at the crowd because no one was into them. They played some of my favorite songs, "One Life, One Chance" and a few others. But, when they played any of the new songs, I thought I was going to die. I even managed to fall to sleep in my chair during H20's set, because after the first 15 mins it just got bad. Toby didn't like the crowd (again-same thing at Mest), and the band kept playing their very poppy songs. Get this too, they played for a little over 45 mins.

Outside in these really comfortable chairs I was sleeping when this little kid came up to me and sat down. He was a mini Tom Delonge, just like everyone else out the show, and so I thought I'd strike up a conversation with him. He couldn't have been over the age of 8.
"So who are you here to see?"
"Box Car Racer!"
"Cool, how did you like the opening bands?"
"Box Car Racer already played?"
"No, H20 did, and so did the Used and..."
"I didn't like them, I want to see Box Car Racer."
"Me too kid, I'm very excited. what is your favorite song by them?"
"Probably "I feel so.""
"Awesome, I don't have a favorite song by them, but I really like Blink, what about you?"
"Yes. I was Travis for Halloween."...........then his mother came and took him away from me. That was probably the highlight of my night, talking to that little kid.

Ok, so now Box Car Racer is up.

Bad music, horrible sound, guitars were way too loud, vocals were awful, and the instrumental song they opened with was shit. After the 3rd song we left, just so we could get a feel of what the other Blink is like live.

That is the last show I am ever going to that is sit down, it really makes you appreciate all those small venues. Anyway, I know this review is really bad, but it is because I don't even know what to say besides THIS SHOW SUCKS! What a waste of money, damn.