Nirvana - Nirvana [Greatest Hits] (Cover Artwork)


Nirvana [Greatest Hits] (2002)


Yeah, Kurt, I know that I am right, thank you for asking.

Hello, and welcome to an album which had no purpose other than to make Courtney Love rich and promote Nirvana's "new" song, You know You're Right.

I am your teacher, Sean, please sit down and shut up.

I was honestly on the edge of my seat for this one, mainly because of the previously unreleased song. Now, I know many of you heard the song on the Internet, but, I, for one, do not download songs from a computer. I buy songs with money. So, like I said, I was breathing with anticipation. Now, Nirvana was the band that got me into punk rock. Nirvana then the Pixies, Husker Du, the Ramones, and so on. Nirvana introduced me, and for this, I have never forgotten. As a Nirvana fan, I am disappointed with this album, extremely. One: the "new" song, which was actually recorded over eight years ago, hence the quotations around the word "new," is boring. If this was a previously released song, it would have never been included on this "Greatest Hits" record. Yeah, it's got irony in it, after all the singer is dead and he is singing about pain and feeling well. But, the song, has nothing to it. Simple structure and a rather annoying chorus.

But this isn't the only thing wrong. Two: Where the motherfuck are songs like Drain You, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and Anuerysm? These songs, Kurt personally said were some of his best. So, instead of actually putting some of Nirvana's "Greatest Hits" on this album, the members of the band and record company decided to put the most commercially successful songs on this album.

New title: "Nirvana's most radio friendly songs, plus a rare one."

Kurt once said that he thought Drain You was far better than Smells Like Teen Spirit. So, then, where the fuck is Drain You? I felt totally jipped. I love every previously released song on here, but the album was completely generic and unneccesary.

A whole new generation now gets to listen to Nirvana's "greatest" songs on one album. Fuck you. Buy the other albums, if you haven't yet, because 90% of the other songs are better than these "greatest hits."

A few wonderful additions are Pennyroyal Tea, which is the original recording that Kurt wanted on In Utero and the single version of Been a Son. Other than that, nothing. Yeah, every song on here is great, they always have been, but did Nirvana really need a "Greatest Hits" album? No. What Nirvana fans need is for everybody to get along so that we can enjoy their music without hearing about legal battles and greatest hits albums.

If you are a Nirvana fan, listen to Incesticide. If you have yet to really listen to Nirvana, buy In Utero and then buy Incesticide. Leave this album alone.

You Know You're Right. Yeah, I do. Class dismissed.