Super Unison - Auto (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Super Unison

Auto (2016)


Super Unison explores what it means to be hardcore punk on their debut. The band is comprised of Meghan O’Neil Pennie formerly of Punch and ex members of Snowing. The album has a sharp edge that lingers between hardcore and punk. On their debut album, Auto the band delivers an unforgettable 35 minutes packed with fast choruses and melodic verses. Super Unison does a great job of keeping their material fresh as they plow through track by track with full blown diversity. The effects on the guitar sounds as if someone stole the tone off the new Title Fight record and completely doused it in power chords and intricate riffs. The band definintely does a good job working symbiotically with each other. Each member is tightly locked in to raw punk songs to create the sounds of Super Unison’s Debut.

“Don’t Look Up” is the first song that truly stands out and identifies with the band’s sound. We finally get to hear O’Neil Pennie as she doesn’t full on scream like she does in her former band, Punch. Instead she follows the melody using her voice to occasionally push its limit. “Muted” shows the aggressive side of the band with fast guitar riffs following frantic vocals. “Luxury” continues that franticness as the song almost gives you anxiety. It also blends every element that the band has to offer and perfectly showcases it.

Super Unison prove themselves to be more than just a super group but have a made a sound all their own. Meghan O’Neil Pennie’s vocals shine throughout the entire album perfectly demonstrating the mood of the song. The guitars and rhythm section work very well together to create heavy but pretty and melodic songs that is easy to get into. If you were a big fan of Gouge Away’s full length released earlier this year, this is a must.