Better Off - Meth Head (Cover Artwork)

Better Off

Meth Head (2014)

Equal Vision

I will admit that I am a little bit late to the game on this one, about two years late to the game to be exact. Meth Head is the first release that I had heard by Better Off (and my introduction to the band for that matter), and despite being a bit slow on the uptake, these songs hold up in 2016. Unfortunately, Better Off seems to have already gone silent, announcing a hiatus in 2015, but these tunes deserve to be heard.

Meth Head is a two song 7 inch released by Equal Vision Records in 2014, the title track of which appears to be a stand out in the bands catalogue that did not appear on the follow up full-length release. Better Off could easily be compared to current bands such as Turnover and Balance and Composure, but the aspect that drew me in was the nod to other past greats. They seem to blend a mixture of old Brand New with Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday in such a way that sounds significantly more organic than bands imitating the last group of 21 year olds they saw at their local venue trying out 90’s rock for the first time.

Title track “Meth Head” is a self reflective, up-tempo rock song that feels like all of our favorite late 90’s emo bands raised an adopted child. The chorus is memorable and catchy and very well put together. “I Was Better 10 Years Ago” has more of a slower grunge vibe, comparable to what Super Heaven are doing. This track is also a well put together song with a big nod to the 90’s, and while not as engaging as “Meth Head”, it rounds out an extremely solid two track 7 inch release.

If you have known about Better Off this entire time, you are undoubtedly aware of the quality of this short release. If you are like me, and remained oblivious until two years later, Meth Head is a good starting point. After all, there is no time like the present to check it out.