Ramshackle Glory - One Last Big Job (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Ramshackle Glory

One Last Big Job (2016)


If you go out, go out with a bang. In the case of Ramshackle Glory, it's a softer bang but a big one nonetheless.

The folk-rock act ends things with One Last Big Job and everything about this album lives up to the title. How fitting that it drops on the final day of 2016. Harmonic, melodious and ever-so comforting. They've always been a safe haven; a blanket of comfort, inspiring acts like The Front Bottoms, based on how well they mesh acoustic guitars, trombones, horns, violins, accordions and the whole nine together. This album's no exception. The warmth of "Broken Heart", "Homeward Bound" and the closing track, "The Hand You Reach Out Is Empty (As Is Mine)" are some of the band's most personal, in-depth lyrics to date, but more so, some of RG's most resonating tracks. Pat The Bunny Schneeweis lays it all on the line to the most soothing of musical backdrops. 

Whether he's getting all punk, aggressive and wordy with manic drums and a dissonant beat, a la "Dine Alone, Live Together (Born To Lose)", or going all political on "Into The Void", his character comes out fully. Raw, undiluted and unwavering. Truly driving the band. Like most of their past work, One Last Big Job is a heist of the heart -- filled with catchiness, character, rhythm and flavored with their distinct folk sound. One that definitely feels like it's already gone to soon.