Deftones / S.O.D. - Milk [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Deftones / S.O.D.

Milk [7-inch] (2015)

Megaforce records

To coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Speak English or Die by the infamous Stormtroopers of Death, this split 7-inch of Deftones covering the S.O.D. track “Milk” was released during Record Store Day Black Friday 2015.

It’s a nice little gesture to see a band like Deftones cover something like an S.O.D. song, but then again if you know their history, the Deftones have always seemed to slip through multiple genres and sort of blend in with other contemporaries. Just look back on their old tour logs and you would be surprised to see who they played shows with.

The Deftones cover is pretty cool, but there’s this weird vocal effect used for Chino’s voice that makes him sound like he’s trying to sing underwater. Stephen Carpenter gets to shred to his heart’s content and you just know the guy is loving it. He’s pretty much a pure metal head, so it’s nice to hear him play with a thrashy style. The rest of the band keeps pace and the real treat is knowing that Chi Cheng played on here. This cover has been around since 1998 or so and has popped up on random unofficial comps. Deftones covers always seem to be unique…

The only complaint I have is it would be a weird but cool thing if S.O.D. covered a Deftones track. What on earth would that sound like? Regardless, the B-side is the classic S.O.D. track and it’s just pure Thrash straight up the side of your head.

Here’s a quirky little 7-inch to please fans and collectors of both bands. It is worth a short dig.