Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Pissed Jeans

Why Love Now (2017)


When it comes to sludge rock, Pissed Jeans are right up there with Floor and Torche for me. I'm not as versed in the genre but these three bands really give me what I'm looking for. Honeys was a record where I felt Pissed Jeans had plateaued. I liked it but didn't feel like it would be an album I'd be listening to a couple years later. Why Love Now however is the exact opposite. It's typical Pissed Jeans but still feels like life anew. Does it reinvent the wheel? No, and in fact it's a couple tracks too overloaded, but the songs that resonate stomp home just as hard as when I first heard them. I guess it might be that 'getting-older' mindset at present.

Getting into it, I love how frantic and accessible they come off on "The Bar Is Low", really placing into context their aggressive outlook on gender issues. It's an interesting perspective this day and age to see how male-driven bands view the opposite sex and Pissed Jeans come out arms swinging with a barreling chorus and a huge hook. Love the rhythm on tap here and it's one of their best songs ever. Whether it's the workplace, socially or in relationships they dissect how women are treated. Of course, everything else is all done in their savvy style of punk too as seen with "Cold Whip Cream" and "It's Your Knees". Even the distorted and buzzy vibe of "Love Without Emotion" show that when they take a little breather, it's still relentless. 

Overall, the heavy riffs and thick basslines protrude with catchy-enough melodies so that Matt Korvette's caustic growls and abrasive vocals can dig in -- typically at that. If anything I'd call this a return to form, even though I think I'd have enjoyed it more as an EP with some fat trimmed.