Judiciary - The Axis of Equality (Cover Artwork)


The Axis of Equality (2016)

self released

Judiciary are a band I’ve wanted to check out for a while. I saw that they recently released a split with Canadian hardcore band Mortality Rate, and it brought Judiciary back into the front of my mind. While Judiciary are not reinventing the wheel by any means, they seem to cover most of the typical hardcore territory with a skilled proficiency on last years The Axis of Equality.

The Axis of Equality is a brief four song E.P. that delivers a hefty punch to the gut. The songs go back and forth between slower two step style riffs and straight up thrash cross over. Being from Texas, the influence from fellow Texas band Power Trip definitely seeps through, not only in style but also in the production value and artistic aesthetic. The Axis of Equality has a very reverb heavy feel, it sounds like the singer did his vocal tracks in an ice cave, and I mean that in the best of ways. While Judiciary tip their hats to the thrash style of Power Trip, the band is more focused on slower and heavier riffs than thrash speed.

Judiciary are a solid heavy hardcore band, they have showcased some seriously heavy riffs and song writing abilities on The Axis of Equality. That being said, while swimming in a sea of similar sounding bands, depending on their future output, it is possible they might get lost in the background noise.