WHFS Holiday Nutcracker - live in Washington, DC (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

WHFS Holiday Nutcracker

live in Washington, DC (2002)

live show

Where do I begin with what turned out to be one of the most horrible shows I have ever had the displeasure of attending? God, I'm cringing just typing about it.

It was supposed to be grand, I mean James Brown, soul-brother #1, backed up by one of the greatest ska groups, ever, DC's Pietasters? Not to mention Queens of the Stone Age, who may not be "punk", but sure as hell know how to rock it hard. The Distillers were also on the bill, which seemed cool, along with Coldplay, whom I am neutral on, and of course shit-pop-punk was represented deep with New Found Glory and Boxcar Racer.

I arrived 1 hour late. This is my fault, and take full credit. However, I managed in that 1 hour (well, more like 1 1/2 hours) to miss the Distillers, and Queens of the Stone Age. God damn it. I hate the MCI Center and its absurd location.

The stage was being prepared for James Brown and I was stoked. Beyond stoked, I felt like a juvenile, I have to admit, I was giddy. Suddenly, the horns come to life and my god.....the Pietasters are on stage in an arena! Shocking, yet soothing. And then he came, the hardest working man in show business came on stage and went right into "I Feel Good". On the floor, hundreds of teeny bopper mall-punks were dancing around, but oddly, I felt great. I didn't mind them, I was also smiling and dancing and having a blast. I guess it isn't the kids I truly despise, Its the generally shitty music they tend to listen to.

Anyways, next came an extended version of "Get Up" where during the breakdown Mr. Brown went into his trademark screaming fits, eccentrically yelling "GIVE IT UP FOR THE PIETASTERS!, COME ON YA'LL, GIVE UP IT, ITS THE PIETASTERS, OH YEAH, PIETASTERS!!!" And as the song came to a conclusion so did any fun I may have had for that evening. The set ended. 2 songs. 2 fucking songs.

New Found Glory came on stage and I was already in a rotten mood, so you can imagine my demeanor as these ass clowns began their set of prepubescent cock rock. I don't like them. I think this was my third time seeing them so don't give me the whole "you gotta see them in a club bro" bullshit. They have gotten progressively worse. Here's an idea of what they sound like: Remember the episode of the Simpsons where Bart, Millhouse, Ralph and Nelson become a boy-band that secretly is being used to increase naval enlistment? So they are performing on the battleship and suddenly the "studio magic" is pulled from them and all you hear is some kids singing that sound god-awful. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEW FOUND GLORY'S ALBUM, AND THEIR LIVE SHOW.

I think I heard 3 songs while waiting in line for a beer, chugged the beer and left. I didn't even stay for Boxcar Racer. Boo-hoo. Worst-show-ever. I did get to see James Brown and the Pietasters, and my ticket was free, so for the that 1 whole star.