Wafflehouse* - Olympia (Cover Artwork)


Olympia (2002)

Forge Again

Post-hardcore is a really weird category that tries to expand the musical boundaries of the listeners and break away from conventional sounds, structures, and formulas in music. Wafflehouse* is no exception to this.

Most of the songs on this album start off with a loud noisy intro that either becomes the entire melody, or fades away to a softer more melodic tone. Others do just the opposite. On Cinder Block Mountain II the intro is very quiet and pretty which gives away to a loud crashing verse and then a soft chorus which is sung with a female vocals providing backups echoing the singing which gives the song a really cool sound. Some other tracks I liked were Leviathan and the 14 minute odyssey that is I Watch TV .

While the music was good on this album I really just couldn't stand the singer. His voice was just not right for this type of music, I think that it was too high and it really just got on my nerves while I listened to this album. Overall good music that does a lot with the loud noisy/soft pretty dynamic but really needs to get someone with a better voice to sing.

Sometimes It Works