Tom Morello - Orchid [comic] (Cover Artwork)
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Tom Morello

Orchid [comic] (2011)


We all know Tom Morello's all about rebellion. From Rage Against The Machine to pretty much any musical endeavor, that much is obvious. In Orchid though, he takes things to a whole new level, partnering with Scott Hepburn on art to craft an epic which focuses on a resistance as they break free from the shackles of oppression in a post-apocalyptic world.

It's part-medieval, part-steampunk and at times, native primitive like Marvel's Savage Land. At the core of the story is Orchid, a young female, who's basically the Luke Skywalker of this dystopian jungle-like era (think of Colombian jungles). When her family and village is razed by Tomo Wolfe, an evil Emperor, she begins a quest for revenge. The plot, though, revolves around the symbol of General China (their version of Che Guevara) and a powerful mask he left behind which imbues its host with mystical abilities (or kills them in a game of mystical Russian Roulette). Along the way, there are a lot of twists and turns as Orchid encounters friends, allies and several unique creatures.

Morello takes his time and maps out stances on the sex trade, slavery and politics in general, with Hepburn's art really painting the story with the necessary drama. Orchid's awash with a lot of big statements, which in 2018 feel like stuff we hear everyday. I'm really glad Dark Horse brought this out, as I followed it issue by issue in all its uncensored glory. Morello also released secret tracks to accompany the books so I suggest you pick 'em up for extra context. If not, no biggie, because the book alone is all the punk-rock anarchy you'd need for a good time.