Alexisonfire - Alexisonfire (Cover Artwork)


Alexisonfire (2002)

Equal Vision

Only one word can describe the first release from St. Catharine's own Alexisonfire, and that word is unbelievable. My buddy made me listen to the sampler at school and as soon as I heard it I was hooked. I went out and bought the album the day it came out. Alexisonfire, named after a contorting, lactating, pornstar, combine emo and hardcore and turn it into a stew of ear candy.

The record starts off with the track ".44 caliber love letter." The rhythmic and melodic intro lasts for about 2 minutes but instantly the listener is transported into a hardcore heaven. Other tracks like "counterparts and number them", "A dagger through the hearts of st. angelis", "waterwings (and other pool side fashion faux pas)" and "little girls pointing and laughing" are full of smart, catchy lyrics. Lyrics like "Jennifer, they lied to you when they said you couldn't breathe underwater. I lied to you when I said I was hard, because I'm softer than a thrift store sweater and twice as worn in" are found all over the album. There are two singers in the band and they offer a great contrast throughout the record and make it a a great record to put in your cd player and listen to.

Don't get me wrong, Alexisonfire is not a soft, run of the mill emo band. Every track is hard hitting, in your face, and full of energy.

This record was amazing and now I'm hooked to screamo.

Also, use caution because this record will make small children and the elderly cry out of fear.