Ship of Fools - A Perfect Place For Harmony (Cover Artwork)

Ship of Fools

A Perfect Place For Harmony (2018)


Ontario’s Ship of Fools come out swinging on their debut full length, A Perfect Place For Harmony. Right out of the gates, the band blasts full speed through this raucous, rowdy and raw album.

Right from the get go, you know what to expect from this record with the opening track “Decaying Youth.” With gravelly vocals and quick changing guitar progressions, the song sets the tone for the rest of the album: fast, loud, and aggressive. Most of the tracks maintain this tempo and aggression, with machine gun drum fills and ripping guitar riffs. Often, the guitar riffs serve as a balancing point behind the vocals (as opposed to a lead solo) in songs like “Shallow Graves”, “Missing Places”, and “Leppings Lane”, among many others.

There are very few interruptions from these uptempo, aggressive songs. There are some break downs here and there in songs like “Dead Before Noon” and “Home”. And “Drudge” offers a slight diversion from the speed, but doesn’t stray from the grittiness. But overall, A Perfect Place For Harmony is a heart pounding, loud, and wild ride.

The band cites Fucked Up, Leatherface, Protest the Hero, and Propagandhi as notable influences, all of which are prevalent sounds on this album. It is an album steeped in anger and aggression, with hints of melody peppered in. These songs make for a boisterous, sweaty, beer-soaked live show.