The Misfits - Walk Among Us (Cover Artwork)

The Misfits

Walk Among Us (1982)


So I was looking through the archived reviews and I came across the 'M' section, and immediately I searched for the Misfits, because that was what I was listening to at the time. I saw a review for Earth AD and figured that there were probably more on the next page - so I clicked on over, and to my surprise there were none. Now, I began to wonder why there can be countless Sum 41 and Blink 182 reviews but only 1 from one of the most influential punk bands in history, but then I remembered the mentality of most of the users on this site and immediately understood. So, it was about that time I began rummaging through my Misfits archives and pulled out all of their records, tapes, and CD's that I had in my possession - and this was the only one (other than the coffin set) that has always stood out in my head as genius material. First off, it's Danzig at his finest - full of energy, young, and sadistic - yet, for some reason, it's the only CD that wasn't covered in the Coffin Set (which was pretty much the epitome of all Misfits collections) and is pretty much ignored by most punk fans these days.

So, after pulling it off the rack, I popped it in my CD player and immediately began listening to the opener "20 Eyes" and instantly remembered why I loved this band so much. It's fast, totally unpolished, and has the gritty sense of humor that seems to be lacking in most of their newer records (obviously due to Danzig's absence). So, after that track ends, I'm totally pumped up and continue to feel rushes of adrenaline through "All Hell Breaks Loose," one of my all-time favorites "Nike A Go Go," and "Skulls," which easily takes the cake as their best song of the early 80's era. Even after they've reached their pinnacle, it doesn't slow down, get boring, or even let your attention drift away for the slightest moment - and that is why this is such the great record it is, and will always be. Hopefully more people will realize this and take interest in the band, and if not, it's their loss - not acknowledging one of New Jersey's most talented bands is pretty stupid though.