All Get Out - No Bouquet (Cover Artwork)
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All Get Out

No Bouquet (2018)

equal vision

All Get Out are a band I won't stop glowing about if you ever ask me for indie/rock recommendations. I first heard them in 2011 after getting into Manchester Orchestra, and as the latter evolved, AGO managed to step into the kind of sound that made me fall in love with MO in the first place. Just listen to "The Season" and you'll get where I'm coming from. While AGO have made a few wanderings off the path here and there, though, it's a real pleasure to hear them go back to basics and to that early-era Manchester Orchestra sound on No Bouquet because it really is a sound that fits them so well.

Nathan Hussey (vocalist/guitars) even sounds like Andy Hull and while MO have gotten experimental, AGO really streamline into the soft/loud dynamic of what made them a draw in the first place. "Rose" and "Namesake" are prime examples of this, basking in tight musicianship and a guitar-driven aura that mixes in lush, melodic riffs with the kind of aggression I thought they were scrubbing out in recent records. Basically, whatever quibbles I had are now fixed.

AGO are so versatile here, as it's not just rock and roll with guitars intricately weaving in and around you, it's pianos as well for a Southern drawl that tempers the pace and angst of what Hussey's trying to convey. And make no mistake, as technically sound as the record is, Hussey's songwriting is as epic as ever, despite the lack of his strength: acoustic tones. This dirty, muddied style matches his lyrics so well -- soulful, angry, loud, but poetry, nonetheless. And amid how deep and serious the record, is, it's still poppy and catchy when need be.

"First Contact" and the closer "Trip" more or less sums that up, and it really leaves a profound, lasting mark when all is said and done. I won't spoil much because this is an album you really need to soak in as it brings me back six years ago to when I needed this kind of heart and soul in my ear. I invite you to enjoy the same.