Tiny Moving Parts - For the Sake of Brevity [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Tiny Moving Parts

For the Sake of Brevity [7-inch] (2019)

triple crown

Tiny Moving Parts are a band that's grown on me from being "oh yeah, they're cool" to one of the most influential acts I listen to at present. There's something so unique about their brand of math/indie/emo that I haven't come across from any other band crossing these genres. With a 7" dropping out of the blue, it's a perfect way to start the year.

This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship was the record that got me into them, but Celebrate remains the gold standard. Last year's Swell definitely stands tall as well, but what I love about these two songs here is they feel like they're perfectly designed for either. "For The Sake of Brevity" has been reworked from that electric acoustic ballad off Moving To Antarctica and it's a pleasure to see that nine years later, the trio has found a way to give it that Midwest burn like most of their new songs. The mathy riffs, the swelling melodies, the careening drums... everything makes this stand out so much as if it belongs next to songs like "Minnesota" and "Volumes". I do love how the bridge slows the track down to a "Caution"-tempo, and honestly I'd love to hear them remaster more old songs. Also, with Jetty Bones' vocals adding the soothing touch of a female, you can't ask for more.

"Fish Bowl" is pretty damn good as well and has that more upbeat pop-punk feel to it a la Swell. I love the quick pace and how TMP decide to up the tempo that shows how well they contrast their sound. And that's what make every ounce of heart and soul they pour out work -- it's rhythm, it's nature, it's love and it's rock and roll for romantics. Warm, endearing and truly a testament why emo needs more bands like TMP.